Zero Carbon


Who Are We? We are a group of scientists, economists, and professionals who are deeply concerned about climate change and its potential effects on our lives, those of our children, and the natural world - on local and global scales. From our base in Cambridge University we aim to bring together a network of ideas and expertise from across the world: we warmly welcome your contributions!

What Is The Problem? By burning oil, coal and gas on an enormous scale, we are polluting the atmosphere about seven times faster than oceans can remove the pollution. With a growing global population and economy, energy demand is projected to double in the next fifty years.

How Can We Solve The Problem? To be safe, we can emit only 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide per person per year (about a 90% reduction in UK emissions from 1990 levels). To achieve this target we need to convert our energy supply system away from the unrestrained use of oil, coal and gas and towards sources that do not produce damaging greenhouse gases. See our UK CO2 Calculator for how it can be achieved. More info here:

Economically, we must convert the taxation system away from taxes on income and transactions, to taxing carbon instead.

What Benefits Will This Have? Decarbonising the economy brings so many other benefits that the net cost of solving climate change could be negative! For example, by fighting the causes of pollution, we can eliminate inefficient and intrusive taxes on families and companies. Solving climate change is a pro-growth strategy - but we need to develop in a low-carbon fashion.

How Long Will It Take? We must decarbonise our energy system now: leaving it until after 2050 is too late. We decided to put a man on the moon and it was accomplished in 10 years. We can convert to a zero carbon economy over the next two or three decades.

Spread the word! Climate change is a problem that can and will be solved at low or negative cost! Please contact other websites, companies, governments and other organisations and tell them about us!

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